Everest Cashmere
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Being a family business, we have been passionately producing cashmere for 40 years in timeless designs, we represent our traditions. As a proud and a independent company we have the courage to follow new techniques, structures and shapes in our iridescent colours-regardless of short term trends.



Cashmere is a fine type of wool. The best quality Cashmere comes from the Asian highlands, China, and Mongolia. Cashmere shawls have been worn by the royalty and the elites in the region for centuries. The higher the region and the meager the steppe the better the growth of the animals' warming undercoat. Only during the natural change of the animal's hair in spring, it is possible to comb-out about 250 grams of pure fur per goat. This is also the amount of fiber needed to produce a single Iris von Arnim basic sweater.


In Nepal, this fabric has long been a part of local clothing, and Cashmere has been produced in the homes of local weavers for generations. It was only during the 90's that this fabric suddenly came into prominence in the international market with several houses of fashion adopting it. The humble Cashmere that many Nepali grandmothers have used, and still use today, suddenly became the darling of the fashion world and demand soared and supply scrambled to catch up and cash in.