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»Nepal Pashmina Information
Nepal pashmina scarves, Nepal pashmina stoles,Nepal cashmere garments, Nepal Cashmere Our Standard Nepal Pashmina Products
Our standard Nepal Pashmina products are made of 70% Pashmina & 30% finer silk to 80 % Pashmina & 20% Silk, 100% Silk, 100% Cashmere etc. This gives the butteriest soft hand at the same time maintaining the integrity of Pashmina. The higher percentage of Pashmina keeps our material light and truly seasonless, something you will shoulder once and again no matter which time of the year !

In Shawl Category :
Blankets, Shawls, Stoles, Scarf, Bag, Different designs of Weaved Shawl, Shaded, beaded and Fabric by yard and other customized products.

In Sweaters and Pullover Designs :
We manufacture in Cardigan, Twin Set, Collor Neck, V Neck, Key Hole Neck, Round Neck, Turtle Neck, Hi Neck etc.The designs are available in two and four ply 100% Cashmere.

Taking care of Pashmina
Pashmina shawls are woven entirely by hands, they are extremely delicate and could get spoilt when washing if proper care is not taken. Professional dry cleaning is the best way to clean the shawls. However, cleaning them in washing machines can distort the shape and the quality of the shawls.

Directions for hand washing:
  • Brush gently to remove excess fiber.
  • Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent soap or with low pH hair shampoo.
  • Place on a towel and roll up together to squeeze out the water.
  • To dry the shawl, place the shawl flat on the ground and let it air-dry. Lightly stretch and level the edges.
  • Use a soft brush width-wise to give the shawl a soft and fluffy feel.
  • Lightly press with steam iron.
What Kind Of Fringe Do Your Items Have ?
All our pieces have the standard three-inch long twisted and knotted fringe, unless you specify otherwise. We can also make a 3/4 inch open fringe, or no fringe at all.

Colors and Embroideries
All our products are available in Solid and Shaded colors. Our value-added line includes Embroidered, beaded, pearl embroidered and beaded tassels. All the embroideries are done by hand and are very intricate. Since we dye by hand and match to master color samples, dye matches can vary by 5 percent. Please find the color swatches as below : Nature of Hand Made : It is to be understood that there can be some variation on weaving, dyeing or in finishing due the nature of hand made. Some pieces can vary even if they belong to the same category.

Manufacturing & Delivery Period
The goods of stock can be dispatches immediately. But the goods not in stock can be dispached 7 to 30 days from the date of confirmation. Also it depends upon the quantity of order placed by our customers.